Mr. Johnny Pedersen
Skype: actionsportgames-johnnypedersen

Mr. Henrik Grobelnik
General Director




International - Tel.: +45 8928 1888
France - Tél: +33 160 726 476

Mr. Henrik Henriksen
Area Sales Manager
+45 2149 8416
Skype: actionsportgames.henrik.h

Mr. Andreas Reimers
Area Sales Manager
+46 763 912 900
Skype: actionsportgames.andreas.reimers

Mr. Pawel Migala
Area Sales Manager
Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republich,
+45 8928 1875
skype: actionsportgames-pawel
Mr. Martin Brylet 
Area Sales Manager
South & Central America, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Andora, Italy, San Marino, Turkey
+45 8928 1873
Skype: actionsportgames-martin.brylet      

Mr. Antoine Delaire
Area Sales Manager
Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malta, Cyprus, Greece
+45 8928 1853
Skype: actionsportgames.antoine.delaire

Mr. Aleks Jakobsons
Area Sales Manager
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania, Asia
+45 8928 1871
Skype: actionsportgames.aleks.jakobs

Mr. Julien Joué
Area Sales Manager
+33 6 10 05 21 33
Skype: actionsportgames.julien.joue

Mr. Paul Wignell
Area Sales Manager
England, Ireland
+44 7495 221495Skype: actionsportgames.paul.wignell


Media & Communication

Mr. Peter Leschly
Director, Media & Communication
Skype: actionsportgames.peter.leschly

Mr. Michael Rosquist
Online Manager & Social Media
Skype: actionsportgames-michaelrosquist

Mr. Thomas Mikkelsen
Graphic Designer & Social Media


Legal affairs

Mr. Christian Trolle Andersen
Corporate Legal Advisor
Skype: actionsportgames-christiantrolle


Logistics & Warehouse

Mr. Bjørn Schiødt Olsen
Warehouse Manager
Skype: actionsportgames.bjornsolsen


Purchase, Production & Sourcing

Mr. Mads Larsson
Purchase, Production & Sourcing Manager
Skype: actionsportgames.mads.larsson

Purchase department

Ms. Dorit Jørgensen

Sourcing department

Ms. Eva Huei-Fang Chi Olsen
Sourcing & Purchase Denmark
Controller & Coordinator Asian Activities
Skype: actionsportgames.eva.olsen

Mr. Eric Jürgensen Geraci
Product & Project Coordinator
Skype: actionsportgames.eric.geraci

Mr. Per Redzt Iversen
Product Coordinator

Mr. Nikolaj Christensen
Technical Project Coordinator
+45 89 28 18 79
Skype: actionsportgames.nikolaj.c


Technical Service

Opening hours: 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00 (CET/MEZ)

Mr. Andreas Mikkel Andersen
+45 89 28 18 85
Skype: actionsportgames.andreas.anderse

Mr. Lasse Larsen
+45 89 28 18 74
Skype: actionsportgames.lasse.larsen

Mr. Bjørn Ekholm
Internal Service Assistant



ActionSportGames US, Inc.

ActionSportGames® USA, Inc.
6144 Condor Drive
Moorpark, CA 93021
Tel: 805 529 7707
Fax: 805 529 7712


Ms. Kate Glass 
Office Manager


Sales & Marketing

Mr. Bob Li
Sales & Marketing Manager

Mr. Chad Pendleberry
Sales Associate

Mr. Harrison Wiltse
Sales Associate


Warehouse & Logistics

Mr. Jim Faller
Warehouse & Logistics Manager


Technical Service

Mr. Peter Rasch
8:00AM - 5:00PM PST


Sout   h & Cent ral America, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Andora, Italy, San Marino, South & Central America, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, South Africa,      

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