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Bohemia Air Soft Premium retailer

You are welcome to visit our retail store which is truly the biggest one not only in Czech Republic, but also in central Europe. On space over 200m2 you can find exhibited more than 1000 different airsoft guns and thousands types of accessories and tactical gears.


Opening hours:

Mon 09:00am-5:00pm

Tue 09:00am-8:00pm

Wed 09:00am-3:00pm

Thu 09:00am-8:00pm

Fri 09:00am-5:00pm




We accept credit card.


You can order from us also on-line at our e-shop We ship all the goods internationally.

Bohemia Air Soft Company is focused on range of high quality airsoft guns, accessories and tactical equipment for players and professionals. We deal not only with import-export, wholesale, retail and internet sales, but we also have our own service and production.


In our activities, we benefit from practical experience with airsoft and armed forces. Thanks to the trust of you - our customers, we have been able to gradually develop during last 25 years from a company founded by one person during university studies to the biggest Czech airsoft company.


We are direct distributors of the most key manufacturers in this sector for Czech Republic and proud member of ASG Premium Retailer program. We import goods from our partners from the European Union, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and the USA and Canada.


Our customers include airsoft players, airsoft clubs, camps, game sides as well as a number of specialized business partners in the Czech Republic and abroad. We also regularly supply airsoft and tactical gear for the Czech armed forces, police, and private security companies.


Airsoft is for us not only business, but hobby. Many of us are active players. We support the airsoft community in the Czech Republic, we run an online magazine and organize number of airsoft events.


We are one of the long-term members of the board of the Czech Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Guns and Ammunition. We actively participate in commenting on weapons legislation in the Czech Republic and EU and in other professional activities.

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