Exclusive licenses

Exclusive licenses


Through worldwide exclusive license agreements ActionSportGames has been authorized by many famous original firearms and accessories manufacturers to replicate their firearms, components and accessories into outstanding realistic 1/1 scale Replica’s of the highest quality. At ActionSportGames we work dedicated with these brands making them the natural choice for current and future Airgun and Airsoft Gun users. License Brochure


Accuracy International, United Kingdom - www.accuracyinternational.com
Was formed in 1978 to design and build tactical rifles. The current designs faithfully follow the original concept but also benefit from twenty years of continuous improvement. These improvements are not cosmetic but are driven solely by the needs of the users, highly trained military and police units in over 50 countries worldwide. Read More


A.R.M.S. , Inc., USA - www.armsmounts.com
A.R.M.S®, is the world famous US manufacturer of a wide range of mounting systems, component and accessories for M16/AR15, M4, M14 and many more. A.RM.S. is the original designer and manufacturer of many products like the Dovetail Dimensions (Mil-STD 1913 Rail), Silhouette™, Throw Levers®, and the most popular S.I.R.® System.
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ArmaLite Inc., USA - www.armalite.com
ArmaLite Inc. is the original inventor of the legendary M-16 style assault rifle now copied and produces by many different companies. ArmaLite with its technology now offers a full line of AR-24 pistols, M-15, AR-10, AR-30 and impressive AR-50 rifles in addition to a wide range of components and parts like the AR-180B.
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Arsenal JSC
Arsenal JSC is the exclusive US manufacturer of the finest and most authentic examples of the time proven AK design. Arsenal manufactures over twenty different rifle versions to include a wide range of accessories and components.
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Ashbury International Group Inc. & Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Mfg, USA - https://www.ashburyintlgroup.net/​
Ashbury International Group Inc. is a prime contractor, manufacturer and supplier for the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Navy, US SOCOM and the Department of Homeland Security. Ashbury is viewed as highly experienced and successful systems integration and training company for general military, special operations forces, police and security organizations. Ashbury is a US DOD Prime contractor for laser range finders, combat equipment, night vision devices, and popular Ashbury Precision Ordnance, ASW338LMtm with additional sniper rifles.
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Bersa SA, Argentina - www.bersa.com
Bersa was founded in the mid 1950’s and is one of the largest privately owned corporations in Argentina. Founded in 1988, Eagle Imports, Inc. became the Bersa exclusive importer and representative for the United States for North America. In 1994, Bersa introduced their Thunder line of pistols, which helped the Bersa name grow in the ranks of the firearm industry. More recently, the newest addition to the Bersa firearm line is the “BP9cc.” and delivers the quality, reliability, durability and underscores the Bersa commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology. 
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Brügger & Thomet AG, Switzerland - www.brugger-thomet.ch
Manufacturer of the MP5 submachine gun, which is the most widely used weapon for Special Forces and Anti Terror units worldwide.
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BSA Guns (UK) Limited - www.bsaguns.co.uk
The “Sten gun” manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA). In the early 1940’s the British switched submachine guns and began using the Sten gun of which BSA ltd. was manufacturing. Total production of Mark 1 and slightly modified Mark 1* Sten machine guns was estimated at 100 000. The Sten gun was used during World War II, through to the Korean War and stayed in service until the 1960’s. The Sten MK (or Mark) II was the widely produced version of the popular British Sten with over two million produced in just tree years during the war. 
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Cobray Company, USA - www.cobray.com
Cobray is the manufacturer of the super compact Ingram M10 and M11 sub machine guns. The Ingram models are very popular in action movies featuring trigger-happy characters.
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Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ), Czech Republic - www.czub.cz
CZ is the largest manufacturers in the world within the small arms industry. Ceska Zbrojovka translates to Czech weapons factory and Uhersky Brod is the town where it is located. CZ produces famous models like the Scorpion Vz61 sub machine gun and the CZ75 handgun. 
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Dan Wesson Firearms, USA – www.cz-usa.com
Dan Wesson Firearms has always been a trusted name in the Firearms Industry. The Dan Wesson name and logo are synonymous with quality, finish, and accuracy. A state of the art manufacturing facility located in Norwich, New York is today producing some of the finest most reliable Revolvers and Semi Automatic Pistols. 
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Detonics, USA – http://detonicsdefense.com/
Detonics is historically recognized as the innovator of the compact 1911 like the Combat Master, Classic Series and the DNX which brings together the Detonics legacy. The new Detonics “DTX” Series is a revolutionary pistol which will not only continue tradition but also change the home defense, law enforcement and the duties of peacekeeping. Detonics innovation and human factor engineering are not just slogans at Detonics; it is Detonics core mission.
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DS Arms Inc., USA – www.dsarms.com
DSA weapons have always been perceived as weapons that are second to none. DS Arms (DSA) produces a wide range of firearms, components and accessories to including the world famous SA58™ FAL rifle along with a number of other firearms like the Spartan Series, G1 FAL, and SPR sniper rifle.
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Eagle Arms, USA - www.armalite.com
Eagle Arms is a division of ArmaLite Inc. and is manufacturing M16 style sporting rifles. 
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Franchi S.p.A., Italy – www.franchi.com
The world famous SPAS-12 was designed in the late 1970s by the Italian company Franchi S.p.A (a company in the BERETTA group) as a special purpose, military and police close combat weapon.
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Hera Arms, Germany - http://www.hera-arms.com
Hera Arms was founded in 2006. The German company H.E.R.A. ("High-grade European Research for small Arms", aka HERA-ARMS) produces a range of weapon accessories and conversion kits. Hera is perhaps best known for their Glock Carbine Conversion kit, or even their Buttstock/Grip conversion kit for the HK SL-8, their Colt Pistol Extension (or CPE) shows that even a 100 year old design like the Colt M1911 can be brought up to date with the latest innovations by Hera-Arms. For example the Hera CPE was developed for the Mil-Spec 1911 pistol. The design specifically gives the user the possibility of transforming a 1911A1 into a fully functional carbine. Read More

ISSC, Austriahttp://www.issc.at/issc/
ISSC engineer and design their products in house to deliver ‘Austrian Power’ to firearms enthusiasts worldwide. The world renowned and innovative ISSC began business in 2009 with their first firearm, the M22 .22lr pistol, and have gone from strength to strength releasing a score of exciting firearms in .22lr, 17HMR, .222rem and .223Rem. ISSC are a multi award winning company who have been recognised by the Savage Award 2013 as ‘one of the top five export distributors’ in the shooting sports community.
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Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT), USA - https://lmtdefense.com/
Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) was founded in 1980 to provide the military, law enforcement and government agencies with high quality weapons, components, and modular weapon systems. LMT is the manufacturer of the popular M203 Grenade Launcher, patent-pending Monolithic Rail Platform (MRP) along with many other products and parts.
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MasterPiece Arms (MPA), USA - www.masterpiecearms.com
MasterPiece Arms was founded in 1992 and offer quality engineering and manufacturing yet continues to strive for total innovation. The MPA Defender MAC series and Tactical Self Defense Weapons with its many options for accessories clearly makes a statement the MAC is back and it’s better than before. Additional, the exciting MPA Mini 9 mm frame with its various options and growing MPA Protector Pistol Series makes MasterPiece Arms exciting and extremely innovated as a company.
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Mcmillan Group International, USA - http://www.mcmfamily.com/
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks was founded by Gale McMillan, in 1975. The companies include McMillan Firearms Manufacturing (formerly “McBros”), a manufacturer of the McMillan tactical and hunting rifles; McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, a leading manufacturer of premium custom fiberglass stocks for hunting, competition, tactical and OEM markets; and McMillan Machine Company, a contract manufacturer of precision machined parts. McMillan Group International, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is now the corporate parent for a family of firearms companies committed to excellence in the firearms industry internationally. Read More


Milkor (PTY) LTD, South Africa - https://milkor.com/
Milkor (Pty) Ltd., South Africa was founded in 1980 and is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of 37/38 and 40mm weapons systems. Milkor systems are used in more than 30 countries world-wide and are very well known for its 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) range of products. Milkor products range from both lethal and less-lethal systems. Over the last 25 years more than 50,000 MGL Milkor weapons have been provided to law enforcement and military personal. Other Milkor weapons include the UBGL, STOPPER, MRGL and 37/3M Multiple Anti Riot (MAR) lightweight shoulder fired 6-shot launcher a derivative of the 40mm MGL
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Sage International, Ltd. 
Was founded in 1973 with the mission to design, develop and manufacture small arm accessories, security products and modifications for firearms. The focus of Sage international, Ltd. is to expand the use of a firearm’s platform and increase its effectiveness. The diverse line of products and types of products Sage International, Ltd. manufactures are customer driven for solutions to existing problems worldwide. Sage currently manufactures a variety of rifles (EBR) and shotguns, accessories, less-lethal weapons, vehicle gun racks and inspection mirrors.
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Sage Control Ordnance
Sage International, Ltd. (SIL) was established in 1973 as a trading company. In 1979 SIL began manufacturing products to serve the law enforcement and special operations military markets. Since inception, we continue to meet the needs of our customers by expanding our range of defensive and military products. Eventually this grew to the point where it became necessary to form a separate company, known as Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. (SCOI). SCOI was incorporated in 1992 to design, manufacture, and market Less Lethal Munitions and Launching Systems. Read More


SAKO - https://www.sako.fi 
Sako is one of the world’s most prestigious rifle and cartridge brands. Their acclaimed reputation, high quality products and credibility are rooted in their employees’ unique skills and pride in what they do. 
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Steyr Arms, Austria – https://www.steyr-arms.com/​
Located in Austria, Steyr Arms produces technically advanced weapons like the AUG rifles, scout rifles, M9-A1 pistol series, Elite, HS. 50 and the SSG 08 rifles.
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STI International, USA – www.stiguns.com
STI continues its evolution of the 1911 by producing firearms at the highest level. STI International manufacturers
high-end race guns for IPSC shooting and other exclusive pistols like the Edge, Eagle, Lawman series plus new
STI-GP6 and STI 5.56 mm NATO sporting rifle.
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US Ordnance inc., USA – www.usord.com
US Ordnance, Reno, Nevada is the exclusive manufacturer and sole distributor for all models of the battle proven M60 Series machine guns and spare parts. Licensed for replication are the complete weapons systems inclusive of the M60, M60D, M60E3 and M60E4 (e.g. Mod. 1 and Mod. O) configurations to include various parts and components.
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Vltor Weapons Systems and Abrahms Airborne Manufacturing Inc., US

VLTOR Weapon Systems began as a small operation based in Idaho in 2001. The company gained popularity in the market with the release of the original VLTOR Modstock. In 2004, VLTOR was bought out by a precision sheetmetal and CNC machining company called Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. (AAMI). Founded in 1965 in Tucson, Arizona, AAMI provided a highly capable manufacturing facility that led to the rapid expansion of the VLTOR product line.In the past decade, VLTOR released a series of innovative products to the weapons market. Most notably, the company has produced items such as: the CASV handguard, the Enhanced Modstock (EMOD), the VIS Polylithic Upper, and the A5 system. VLTOR is committed to continually growing the product line in order to provide the end users with the most robust, well performing weapons in the market. Read More   License Certificate


Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. – www.yhm.net
YHM was established in 1951 when two friend joined forces to follow through on a dream of owning & operating their own machining facility. Since that time the YHM has experienced steady growth, popularity and attention to quality products and machining. YHM over the years has OEM a number of well know products and accessories and has for years now also design & produce a number of YHM own products for the firearms industry.
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Zastava, Serbia – https://www.zastava-arms.rs/
With more than 150 years of experience Zastava Arms has proud traditions for manufacturing and completely meet the needs of the military and civilian firearms with its wide range of pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and sporting weapons.
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