CURSED series, 0.25g, airsoft BB, 4000 pcs. bag
CURSED series, 0.25g, airsoft BB, 4000 pcs. bag
CURSED series, 0.25g, airsoft BB, 4000 pcs. bag
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The CURSED range of precision BBs from ActionSportGames offer an alternative option for those who prefer their BBs bagged rather than bottled.

These high quality precision BBs are of the same high density construction as our other BBs ranges. Made to function perfectly in every type of airsoft gun, the CURSED series brings the airsoft player one step closer to the ultimate airsoft experience.

With its consistent perfectly spherical shape and using high quality materials, the CURSED series is a great choice for those that seek the very best in airsoft ammunition.  Supplied in sturdy bags of 4000 BBs the CURSED range are especially popular with airsoft stores with limited shelf space and instead utilise product racks – allowing you to stock up on more BBs for your customers.

The CURSED series are suitable for all players  and will elevate the experienced airsoft player to a whole new level – while giving the novice player the edge in every firefight.

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