ULTRAIR CO2 lubrication cartridges, 5 pcs.
ULTRAIR CO2 lubrication cartridges, 5 pcs.
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Make cleaning and maintaining your CO2 gun a breeze. The new lubrication cartridges from ASG can be used in all CO2 powered Airguns and Airsoftguns that are using a 12 g CO2 cartridge. In addition to the CO2 gas, the cartridges are also filled with 0.8 g of silicon oil that cleans and lubricates the magazine and blowback units seals while shooting, 

Some added benefits of the lubrication cartridges are an improved performance. When in use they offer a slight increase in muzzle velocity, but more importantly a more consistent muzzle velocity, resulting in improved accuracy.

The enhanced performance is also evident when used in colder weather, where they continue to deliver a consistent reliable performance, even under conditions when regular cartridges causes the gun to freeze up. 

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