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Barrel, SS, 6,03x469mm, Sportmatch/M14 Scout
Article no.: 16665
Precision barrel, 6,03 x 208, tight bore, EVO 3 A1, Steel
Article no.: 19126
Precision barrel, 6,03x465mm, SSG 69/M40A3
Article no.: 18471
Hop-up chamber, AUG series
Article no.: 17989
Barrel lock clip for inner barrel, 5pcs
Article no.: 17368
Barrel, SS, 6,03x430mm, ASW338LM/VSR-10
Article no.: 17228
Hop-up chamber, AK series
Article no.: 17107
Precision barrel, 6,01x509, tight bore, T6 7075
Article no.: 16914
Precision barrel, 6,01x363, tight bore, 7075 alu
Article no.: 16912
Precision barrel, 6,01x229, tight bore,T6 7075 Alu
Article no.: 16911
Precision barrel, 6,03x407, tight bore
Article no.: 16884
Precision barrel, 6,03x300, tight bore
Article no.: 16883
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